Studying Mott transition in the Hubbard model within slave boson method

Abolhassan Vaezi, MIT.

Abstract: In this talk I will discuss a slave boson method to study the Hubbard model ( H = -t Σ< i,j > cj,σ ci,σ + U Σi ni,↑ ni,↓) and to describe the Mott transition at half filling.The Mott transition occurs as the ratio of the on-site Coulomb energy U to the electron hopping energy t is tuned. We will see that the Mott transition is related to the instability of the ground state to the formation of holon-doublon pairs. I will also discuss the effect of gauge interactions on the critical properties of the system at half filling. This method can be applied to various lattices and in arbitrary dimensions, and it can also be applied to other similar models, such as the Anderson impurity model.