Special Condensed Matter Seminars

Please join the Department of Physics
Condensed Matter Theory/Biophysics faculty for a selection of special seminars

Duboc Seminar Room: 4-331






Wednesday, February 20 10:00am Jeff Gore, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (abstract)
Thursday, February 21 2:30pm Erel Levine, University of California at San Diego (abstract)
Friday, February 22 10:00am Ahmet Yildiz, University of California at San Francisco (abstract)
Friday, February 29 12:00pm Thomas Gregor, University of Tokyo (abstract)
Monday, March 3 12:00pm Suliana Manley, National Institutes of Health (abstract)
Wednesday, March 5 12:00pm Alfredo Alexander-Katz, ESPCI (abstract)
Thursday, March 6 2:30pm Jan Skotheim, The Rockefeller University (abstract)

Please contact Gretchen Poehlman for more information about the speakers, or to arrange a meeting.
(617)-253-4829 or poehlman@mit.edu

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