Graduate Student Activities

Key Dates and Notes (updated 09/10/2013)

Please consult MIT's Academic Calendarexternal link icon for significant institute dates including:

  • Fall 2013 Degrees (February 2014 degree list) ¬†and Thesis Submission:
    • September 6, 2013: Degree application deadline
    • January 10, 2014: Graduate Theses Due in Academic Programs, 4-315
    • January 17, 2014: Last day to go off February Degree List
  • Spring 2014 Registration Deadlines:
    • December 2, 2013: Pre-Registration Begins
    • December 30, 2013: Pre-Registration Deadline
    • January 27, 2014: Online Registration Opens
    • February 3, 2014: Registration Day - Spring Term
    • May 15, 2014: Last Day of Classes
  • General Exams:
    • Fall Orals: scheduled with committee
    • FALL 2013 Written Exams:
    • Spring Orals: scheduled with committee
    • Spring 2014 Written Exams:
      • Part I, Monday, January 27,2014
      • Part II, Friday, January 31, 2014

Physics Graduate Activities and Council
Visit the Physics Graduate Student Councilexternal link icon website for updated information and events.

Listserv for Career Information (MIT access only)
This is a reminder that all career information is now being forwarded to a Physics Career Listserv. 8Careers is a "post only" list that will be used by the Academic Programs staff to communicate career and job related opportunities. This list is for physics graduate students only.

Please visit the 8Careers websiteexternal link icon for information about subscribing.