Thesis Submission Guidelines

When you bring your thesis to Academic Programs, 4-315, you should include the following items:

  • Signatures: The title page of both copies must have original signatures of the student, research supervisor, and co-supervisor (if applicable). Theses are accepted by the Interim Associate Department Head, Professor Scott Hughes, who will sign each thesis at a later date (after it has been accepted in Academic Programs).
  • Two copies of the Thesis, plus one extra abstract and title page stapled together. Copies #1 and #2 must have original signatures and must be on archival bond paper. Check for the 25% (or more) cotton watermark. Paper is available at CopyTech. MIT Bond and recyclable bond paper are not acceptable.
  • Each copy of the thesis must be clipped or banded together with a cardboard cover and a label, which can be obtained in the Science Library. No holes, staples, etc. are permitted. Each label must include the student's name, department, thesis title, degree date, and copy #.
  • Ph.D. Candidates: Before accepting a thesis, the PEO must have the signed form from the research supervisor indicating a "Pass" on the thesis defense.
  • Ph.D. Candidates: Submit the completed University Microfilms, Inc. Form with a copy of the title page and abstract attached.
  • SM Candidates: Before accepting a thesis, Academic Programs must have a letter to the Department, signed by the research supervisor, assigning a final thesis grade of "A," " B" or "C.
  • All Candidates: Before your final candidacy is approved, you must pay an archival fee with your Student Accounts representative located in the Student Service Center, 11-120.
  • All Candidates: After all materials have been accepted, a thesis.receipt will be given.
  • All Candidates: If you have questions regarding diplomas, Commencement, and the Hooding Ceremony please contact Alpha Sanneh (8-6414) in the Registrar’s Office (5-119).
  • For more detailed information, please refer to the Specifications for Thesis Preparation.