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Charles A. Duboc, Ph.D.
Photo courtesy of Kansas City StarCharles A. Duboc, Ph.D.
Photo courtesy of Kansas City Star

Charles Albert Duboc '43, PhD '49 (1923-2016)

MIT alumnus Charles Duboc, who received his undergraduate degree in physics in 1943 and his PhD in 1949, passed away on April 19, 2016. Charles was a great benefactor to the Physics Department and generously supported our graduate students, faculty, and renovation—notably the “Barbara and Charles Duboc (1943) Seminar Room” in the Center for Theoretical Physics.

I got to know him on a personal level and enjoyed our many visits to Kansas City (Kansas) to see him. Charles had a deep interest in science and was very proud of the work that was happening at MIT. He will be deeply missed.

See also: Charles Albert Duboc Obituary, Kansas City Star, April 24, 2016.