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Triumph, Window, Clue, and Inspiration: The Higgs Particle in Context
36 The discovery, after years of search, of the Higgs particle is a many-splendored triumph for physics. It is a triumph of imagination. Physicists imagined, in their equations, a simpler and more coherent world than the one we observe. They ascribed the difference to a space-filling material. And then they imagined a new particle, the Higgs particle, to make that material. With the discovery, we find that esthetic intuition has not led us astray. The audacity to trust in equations "too beautiful for this world" has paid off.
The MIT Physics Department Experience with edX
46 In the last two years, in the face of rapidly evolving technologies, the leadership of MIT has begun a bold effort to redefine MIT's educational mission.
Quantum Cloning, Quantum Money, and Quantum Monogamy
56 In recent years, quantum mechanics has come to be seen not only as a theory of what happens at very short length scales, but also as a theory of information. This is analogous to the way that relativity is not merely a theory of objects traveling close to the speed of light, but also changes the way we define space and time. What does this new perspective offer?