MIN CHEN, Professor of Physics

Professor of Physics

EMAIL: chenm@mit.edu

PHONE: (617) 253-8379

OFFICE: 24-033D

Area of Physics:

Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics >> Relativistic Heavy Ion Physics

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Professor Chen has pioneered the eld of reverse Cherenkov Radiation (RCR) in left-handed material since 2003, after working on Particles Physics for 30 years highlighted with the discovery of the J-Particle in 1974 and the Gluons, the carrier of the Nuclear Forces, in 1979 and the study of the properties of the Weak Bosons over the period 1985 to 1995. He did both the theoretical prediction and computation, designed the rst meta-material for RCR, which is transverse magnetic eld, versus all the previous meta material for transverse electric waves only, and he made the rst convincing experimental demonstration of RCR. In 1995, he got European Physics Society Prize for the discovery of the Gluon, the carrier of the Nuclear Forces. In 2010, he got the "Best Paper Award" granted by 2010 International Conference EEE on Application of Electromagnetism for his experimental veri cation of reversed Cherenkov radiation in left-handed material, which was also in the discovery story for the January 2010 issue of Photonics Spectra (www.photonics.com). Recently he has developed a new method and a patent application in China and in the USA, to generate enhanced terahertz (THz) surface wave (SW) via its coupling with reversed Cherenkov radiation (RCR), excited by a sheet beam bunch which travels in a vacuum above an isotropic double negative metamaterial (DNM). The physical mechanism for the enhancement is that this DNM can support a RCR which can resonantly interact with a sheet electron beam bunch, resulting in an enhanced SW, formed due to its coupling with the enhanced RCR. Numerical results show strong enhancement e ect for the SW and RCR in the THz band. This enhanced THz radiation has potential applications to high-power THz radiation sources and Cherenkov detectors which require large signals.

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