William Detmold, Assistant Professor of Physics at MIT

William Detmold
Associate Professor of Physics

EMAIL: wdetmold@mit.edu

PHONE: (617) 324-6181

OFFICE: 6-303

ASSISTANT: Scott Morley (617) 253-4852


Area of Physics:

Theoretical Nuclear and Particle Physics - QCD: Quantum Chromodynamics - Standard Model

Research Interests

Professor Detmold's research interests are in strong interaction dynamics in theoretical particle and nuclear physics. Detmold uses analytic methods and supercomputers to solve the complex equations of quantum chromodynamics (QCD) that describe the strong interaction and seeks to understand the emergence of hadrons and nuclei from the underlying Standard Model of particle physics. He aims to determine the properties and interactions of these systems from first principles to confront experiment and to make predictions for regimes such as in the interior of neutron stars where experiments are not possible.

Biographical Sketch

Professor Detmold obtained his PhD from the University of Adelaide, Australia and joined the MIT physics faculty in 2012, moving from the College of William & Mary where he was an Assistant Professor. Prior to that position, he was a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Washington. Professor Detmold is the recipient of a Department of Energy Outstanding Junior Investigator award.

Selected Publications

A full listing of Professor Detmold's publications can be found on inSPIRE.

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