STANLEY B. KOWALSKI, Professor of Physics

Professor of Physics

EMAIL: sk@mitlns.mit.edu

PHONE: (617) 253-4288

OFFICE: 26-427

ASSISTANT: Joanne Gregory (617) 253-7062


Area of Physics:

Intermediate Energy Physics

Research Interests

Professor Kowalskis current research program is centered on parity violation experiments using longitudinally polarized high energy electron scattering. The measurements are carried out in Mainz Germany and Je erson laboratory in the United States. These studies have been under way for more than a decade and have two main goals. One goal is to probe the strangequark structure of the nucleon. A series of measurements now show that the contribution of strange quarks to the charge and magnetic moment of the proton is close to zero. The second goal is to make a precise measurement of the weak charge of the proton. This would measure sin2 θW and be sensitive to new physics beyond the Standard Model at energy scales greater than 5 TeV LHC energies. Initial preliminary results show that the weak charge is consistent with predictions of the Standard Model.

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