Yen-Jie Lee, Assistant Professor of Physics

Yen-jie lee
Assistant Professor of Physics

EMAIL: yenjie@mit.edu

PHONE: (617) 800-7057

OFFICE: 24-413

ASSISTANT: Anna Maria Convertino (617) 253-2391


Area of Physics:

Experimental Particle Physics - QCD: Quantum Chromodynamics

Research Interests

Professor Lee is an emerging leader in the field of proton‐proton and heavy ion physics, primarily studying quark‐gluon plasma (QGP), a hot and dense matter created in the collisions of heavy nuclei predicted by lattice Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) calculations. He has an impressive record of extracting information about strong interactions. For example, his work at the CMS experiment at the LHC has helped to show that energy lost by energetic partons (quarks or gluons) traversing the quark‐gluon plasma is converted to lower energy particles emitted at large angles. Dr. Lee’s research aims to move beyond discovery‐era qualitative measurements of QGP and to understand QCD matter in extreme conditions, such as those that existed in the first microseconds of the universe and that are thought to exist at the core of some neutron stars.

Biographical Sketch

Yen‐Jie Lee completed his undergraduate degree and Master’s in Physics at the National Taiwan University and his doctoral work at MIT in 2011 under the supervision of Wit Busza. After postdoctoral work at the Laboratory for Nuclear Science at MIT, he moved to the CMS experiment at CERN, where he is currently completing a combined CERN and Marie Curie Fellowship. He joined the MIT Physics faculty in September 2013.

Selected Publications

Selected publications will be posted soon.

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