RAINER WEISS, Professor of Physics Emeritus

Professor of Physics, Emeritus

EMAIL: weiss@ligo.mit.edu

PHONE: [Office] 617-253-3527 [LIGO Lab] 617-253-4824

OFFICE: NW17-161

ASSISTANT: Marie Woods (617) 253-4824


Research Interests

Writing this at 73 and having shed the august responsibilities of a full fledged faculty, it is natural to be retrospective rather than to look at prospects.

Currently working on the LIGO project, a joint Caltech and MIT effort, to observe gravitational waves and use them to study gravitation and astrophysics. My role now is to be the equivalent of a grad student. Very much enjoy this. Over the years have worked on cosmological studies with Robert Dicke and David Wilkinson at Princeton. Began physics in atomic beams with John King and Jerrold Zacharias at MIT. If you are really interested, you can read the standard stuff here [PDF].

Biographical Sketch

See above.

Selected Publications

Started in physics with the precept that only very important and finished work should be published. As a consequence, didn't publish much and got hell for it. If you are curious how things became compromised, take a look at my publication list [PDF].

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