RICHARD YAMAMOTO, Professor of Physics, Emeritus

Professor of Physics, Emeritus

In Memoriam: June 29, 1935 - October 16, 2009


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Area of Physics:

High Energy Physics

Research Interests

Professor Yamamoto's primary interests in physics lay in the realm of experimental elementary particle physics, in particular, the study of leptons and quarks and their interactions. These studies were carried out at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center at Stanford University where electrons are made to collide with positrons to create various leptons and particles consisting of quarks. These objects were studied directly or through their decays. Studies to reconfirm the validity of the standard model of particle physics were carried out through the production and decay of the Z boson that mediates the weak interactions.

Biographical Sketch

Richard Yamamoto was born and raised in Hawaii, came to MIT as a freshman in 1953 and spent his entire career at the Institute. He was known for his love of working with his hands as well as his contributions to understanding elementary particles, according to colleagues.

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