Pappalardo Fellows

Pappalardo Fellow in Physics: 2012-2015
CTP Research Associate (2015-present)

Duff Neill

Name: Duff Neill

Title(s): Pappalardo Fellow in Physics: 2012-2015
CTP Research Associate (2015-present)


Phone: (617) 253-7031


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Bldg. 6C-403
Cambridge, MA 02139

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Area of Physics:

Quantum Field Theory

Research Interests

Duff Neill work focuses on breaking down the complex dynamics in quantum field theories that underpin the Standard Model of particle physics. Through the framework of effective field theory, he enables precision calculations needed for the LHC era, as well as clarifying the physics behind such calculations. Further, he is interested in the "on-shell" formal developments of gauge field theories of using recursion and unitarity to rewrite the QFT perturbation series, and how these ideas and tools can be applied to more phenomenological problems.

Biographical Sketch

After completing his B.A. in physics at the University of Chicago in 2006, Duff went on to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. There he completed his dissertation under Ira Rothstein on factorization and resummation in soft collinear effective field theory (SCET) in 2012. He and his collaborators opened up a new class of observables by showing how
to systematically resum ill-behaved perturbation series.

Selected Publications

  • Jui-yu Chiu, Ambar Jain, Duff Neill, Ira Z. Rothstein (Carnegie Mellon U.). Apr 2011. 4 pp. "The Rapidity Renormalization Group." arXiv: 1104.0881.