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andrea young
Pappalardo Fellow in Physics: 2011-2014

Andrea Young, Pappalardo Fellow in Physics: 2011-14

Name: Andrea Young

Title(s): Pappalardo Fellow in Physics: 2011-2014


Phone: (617) 253-4863


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue, Bldg. 13-2037
Cambridge, MA 02139

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Area of Physics:

Condensed Matter Experiment

Research Interests

Andrea Young uses electrical measurements to probe the properties of low dimensional systems. During his Ph.D., he focused on the physics of graphene, a single-layer thick material consisting of a hexagonal net of carbon atoms.

Biographical Sketch

Andrea Young completed his Ph.D. work with Prof. Philip Kim at Columbia University in 2011. Andrea grew up in Washington, D.C., and received his undergraduate degree in Physics and Mathematics from Columbia University in 2006.

Selected Publications

  • A. F. Young & Philip Kim, "Quantum interference and Klein tunnelling in graphene heterojunctions." Nature Physics 5, 222-226 (2009).
  • C. R. Dean, A. F. Young, et al., "Multicomponent fractional quantum Hall effect in graphene." arXiv:1010.1179.