Key Administrative Contacts

Physics Headquarters

Administrative Officer: Matt Cubstead 617-253-4803 Room 4-304
Fiscal Officer: Rosaleah Brown 617-253-4802 Room 4-304
HR Administrator: Vicky Metternich 617-253-4804 Room 4-311

Center for Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE)

Director: Michael Rubner 617-253-6701 Room 13-2098
Assistant Director: Susan Dalton 617-253-7632 Room 13-2110
Financial Administrator: Dianne Brooks 617-253-4962 Room 13-2090

MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research (MKI)

Administrative Officer: Jack Defandorf 617-253-6103 Room 37-291
Financial Officer: Kara DeNutte 617-253-6102 Room 37-281
Personnel Coordinator: Danielle Noonan 617-253-6104 Room 37-287

Laboratory for Nuclear Science (LNS)

Associate Director: Karen A. Dow 617-253-9514 Room 26-505
Assistant Director, HR and Facilities: Ken Hewitt 617-253-2362 Room 26-516
Fiscal Officer: Lawrence McMahon 617-253-5445 Room 26-519

Plasma Science and Fusion Center (PSFC)

Administrative Officer: Tom Hrycaj 617-253-4726 Room NW16-202
Fiscal Officer: Lee Keating 617-253-8191 Room NW16-264
Personnel Administrator: Leslie West 617-253-5474 Room NW16-212

Research Laboratory for Electronics (RLE)

Assistant Director, HR and Admin: Mary Markel Murphy 617-253-2510 Room 36-425
Assistant Director, Finance: Justin M. Wade 617-253-5621 Room 36-433
Human Resources Coordinator: Rachel Smederovac 617-324-1487 Room 36-415

If you wish to get a name for other contacts at these labs, or other areas around MIT, the following link lists all the office directories within MIT: