Postdoctoral Mentoring and Review Policies

MIT has recently added an important new mentoring requirement for postdoctoral appointments, as detailed in a memorandum from Vice President for Research Claude Canizares. The requirement comes in two parts:

  1. When postdoc appointments are requested, a mentoring/career development plan must be submitted. This plan should be provided to and discussed with the postdoc. This requirement satisfies the mandate to provide postdoctoral mentoring under the America Competes Act. (This requirement is being applied to all postdocs at MIT even though the ACA mandates the plan only for postdocs paid using funds from the National Science Foundation.) The initial plan may be brief.
  2. Each year, the postdoc supervisor must conduct an annual review with a written progress report addressing career development and future goals. A template annual review form is available at Further information and resources are available at on the main page under the heading “Resources for Mentors and Postdocs – A Tool Kit.”