Fiscal Procedures


These guidelines provide general information regarding purchasing and reimbursement for purchases at MIT for Physics Department accounts.  It is recommended that you review the references that are provided throughout the guidelines for more detailed information.  If you have any specific questions, please contact Kariuki Thande by phone at 2-3359 or by e-mail at or Anne Gentilucci by phone at 3-4802 or e-mail at Both are located at 4-304. 

Ordering through the MIT purchasing system, SAPweb:

If you would like to purchase an item through SAPweb (, you will first need to obtain an MIT web certificate for your computer at  Once you have obtained your certificate, you can then create a requisition on those accounts that you are authorized to use.  To confirm whether or not you can spend on a particular account, enter your Kerberos ID at  Please contact the Fiscal Office if you need to request authorization for yourself or someone else.

Many requisitions can be processed through our partner vendors which include Dell, Apple, GovConnection, Office Depot and VWR International.  Requisitions processed through our partner vendors will be billed directly to your account.  If you need to order from another vendor, you will need to process a requisition through a non-partner external vendor. 

When first ordering, it is suggested that you reference the SAPweb requisition entry field instructions at:  Another reference for requisitions is the summarized list of G/L codes that are most frequently used for requisitions.  [Summarized list of G/L codes]

Once you complete your requisition, it will be reviewed by the Procurement Office and assigned a purchase order number.    Please note that MIT's Policies and Procedures state that any item exceeding $5,000 requires a “selection of source” and “price reasonableness” explanation.  In some cases, you may also be required to obtain more than one estimate for your purchase.  For further details, please review the Selection of Source form which can be downloaded at:

Once you receive your purchased item, you will need to sign and submit your invoices and/or packing slips to the Physics Fiscal Office (4-304) so that we can confirm that your order was received in good condition and correctly billed to your account.  All invoices will then be submitted to Accounts Payable so that the vendor receives payment. 

Reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses:

If you purchase an item for yourself and need to be reimbursed for your expenses, you will need to submit a Request for Payment (RFP) form along with the original receipt to the Physics Fiscal Office in 4-304.  We will review your RFP and receipt(s) and send the form to the Accounts Payable Office.  The RFP form can be accessed at:  When submitting the form, it is most important that you list your name, address information, and the appropriate account number.

If you would like to be reimbursed for business meal expenses that are related to research or department business, you will need to submit a meal worksheet that lists the number and names of people who attended along with the purpose of the meal.  [Business meal worksheet]

To ensure timely processing of your reimbursement check, it is highly recommended that you submit one copy of all forms and receipts along with your original documentation.  Keep in mind that you may submit one RFP form for multiple items. 

Reimbursement for travel expenses:

In order to be reimbursed for travel expenses, you will need to submit a Travel Expense Voucher Form along with your original receipts for each trip.  Travel Expense Voucher Forms can be found at: Once you have completed the form, you should submit the form and receipts to the Physics Fiscal Office in 4-304 where we will review it before sending it to the MIT Travel Office.  All smaller receipts should be taped on standard letter-size paper (8 ½ in. by 11 in.) for more efficient review by both the Fiscal Office and MIT Travel Office.  

When preparing to travel, you should keep in mind that you will need to submit all air and railway tickets, detailed hotel bills, detailed car rental receipts, and conference registration receipts.  Receipts for meal expenses for domestic travel are not required but an amount of $60 per full calendar day is considered adequate under normal circumstances; it is not to be considered a fixed amount if expenses are less.  For foreign travel, you can claim a per diem.  The Travel Office will accept the per diem rates that are listed at the US State Department Foreign Per Diem Website at  A traveler does not have to list the maximum per diem rate and may claim less. There should be no gain from business travel.

For further information regarding travel reimbursement, it is suggested that you review the Travel FAQ webpage:

In order to receive your reimbursement check within two weeks, it is highly recommended that you submit one copy of all forms and receipts along with your original documentation. 

Procurement card transactions:

You may also apply for a procurement card if you intend to purchase a large number of items that are under $3,000.  Purchases that you make with your procurement card will be directly billed to your account and you will need to submit your receipt from each procurement card purchases to the Fiscal Office within 21 days of the purchase.  For all meal expenses that are purchased with the procurement card, you will need to submit your receipt and the business meal worksheet that lists the names and number of people along with the purpose of the business meal.      

Procurement card application forms can be found at: and will need to be submitted to the Physics Fiscal Office for approval.  Once your application is approved by the Physics Department, you will be contacted by the Procurement Office to attend a training class.  At the end of the class, you will receive your procurement card. 

When using your procurement card, it is suggested that you reference the non-allowed purchases list to confirm that you do not purchase any items where a requisition or a travel voucher is the appropriate method of purchasing.  The non-allowed purchases list can be found at:

For further information regarding procurement and purchasing, it is suggested that you review the Procurement FAQ webpage at:

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