Room Reservation Form for Pappalardo Community Room

Pappalardo Community Room (4-349) Usage Rules:

NOTE: Beginning in Fall 2014, the Pappalardo room will only be available to faculty, staff, and students of the Physics Department.


  • Setup and breakdown time should be built into your reservation.  The room is heavily used and it is important that you take this measure.
  • The room key can be picked up in 4-332 (Physics Reading Room) before the start of your event.  If you need to be in the room before 9 a.m., please set up a time with Tran ( to pick up the day before.
  • It is solely your responsibility to meet your caterer to let them into the room. 
  • All doors, including the AV closet, should be locked at the end of your event.
  • No food should be left anywhere in the conference room.
  • All items found in the conference room belongs to the Physics department, please do not remove.
  • Return the key at the end of your event.  If your event ends after 5pm, please return the key by 10am the next day.  A $200 fee will be charged if the key is lost.
  • Cancellations should be made promptly via email to Christina Andujar.
  • In rare circumstances, we may have to ask you to relocate your event to an alternative location. 


  • Although there is no charge for using the room, we require that you order cleaning through facilities if you have food at the meeting.  There is a charge for this service, please inquire with facilities for that information.
  • An event cleaning request should be sent to facilities 7 BUSINESS DAYS in advance through Atlas
    using the following steps:
    • Service Requests ➤ Create Request ➤ Event Setup
    • Enter Location (4-349) ➤ Enter in Setup, Start, End, and Cleanup times and relevant items
      request info
    • Short Description = Event Cleanup in 4-349 on (date of your event)
    • Special Instructions = trash removal, vacuum floor, and wipe surfaces
    • NOTE: Please CC me on the work order so I have it on file.
  • The room set up diagram is posted by the entrance. The room should be reset to default after your
    event. (If you need facilities to do this for you, you can include this in your event setup request)


  • An LCD projector is available; please let me know if you need to use it.
  • We do not offer AV support, if anything goes wrong with the equipment, please contact Audio Visual at 617-253-2808


  • 6 squares with room for 48 people and space at the front for presentations. (Default setup)
  • It is possible to set up 70 chairs lecture style with an aisle running down the middle. (7 rows and 2 columns)
  • Podium
  • Projector and screen

For comments and questions, please contact Christina Andujar.

Pappalardo Community Room Set-up PDFpdf icon (40KB)

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NOTE: Beginning in Fall 2014, the Pappalardo room will only be available to faculty, staff, and students of the Physics Department.