Physics Bridge Program

The MIT Physics Bridge Program is a one- or two-year post-baccalaureate program at MIT to facilitate the transition to graduate school.  Participation is open to physics students who have completed a bachelor's degree and have participated in the MIT Summer Research Program

The Bridge Program is part of our effort to increase the number of PhDs awarded in physics to underrepresented minority students.  Participants receive a 12-month stipend equal to that provided to MIT physics graduate students, and in addition are provided health insurance and pay no tuition.  They take classes, join a research group, and receive mentoring to improve the likelihood for a successful graduate school application to MIT or other schools.  Interested college seniors who have attended MSRP should apply to the MIT Physics graduate program by following the procedures given at our physics graduate study website

Applicants may be accepted directly into our graduate program or may, at our discretion, be offered up to two years of Bridge Program experience.  The MIT Physics Bridge Program is affiliated with the APS Bridge Program.