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2018-2021 Pappalardo Fellowships in Physics Competition




Dear Faculty Member / Senior Researcher within physics, astronomy or related fields,

  • This is Part One of the two-part 2018-2021 Pappalardo Fellowships nomination process. Please fill out the form below and click the "submit" button. The first of two confirmation pages will open in your web browser's window and a confirmation request email will soon arrive in your email inbox.

  • Part Two of the two-part nomination process authenticates your nomination. Open our confirmation request email and click the confirmation link provided in the text's message. A second and final confirmation page will then appear in your web browser's window. This second step of the nomination process verifies your 2018-2021 Pappalardo Fellowships nomination and completes the nomination process. Nominations may only be submitted using this two-part, online nomination process.

  • As soon as this final step is completed, your nominee will be emailed instructions and a private code to access the 2018-2021 Pappalardo Fellowships section of (AJO), where all required applicant materials (including the referee letters) will need to be submitted for Committee review.

  • Please note that a letter of reference will NOT submitted by you at this time. Once your nominee has registered with the 2018-2021 Pappalardo Fellowships Competition site on AJO, you will be automatically emailed, by AJO, with instructions on how to submit your referee letter online to the confidential referee section of the 2018-2021 Pappalardo Fellowships AJO site.

  • Important notes: (1) current MIT graduate students and postdoctoral researchers, or those who have already received an offer for a postdoctoral position from an MIT faculty member, will only be considered in exceptional circumstances; (2) candidates may participate in the Pappalardo Fellowships competition only if they are nominated by a faculty member or senior researcher within physics, astronomy or related fields. Any materials received from a self-nominated applicant cannot be accepted by the Fellowships office.

  • Questions regarding the nomination process or any aspect of the Pappalardo fellowships program should be emailed to the program's administrator, Ms. Carol Breen.

We thank you for participating in the 2018-2021 MIT Pappalardo Fellowships competition.

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