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Please download and fill in the appropriate form and mail it back to Gil Cordova, 4-304B with original receipts to get refunded. For assistance, Gil may be contacted at ext 2-3359 or gcordova[at]mit[dot]edu. Indicate on all forms that the money should come from the Women in Physics account. Unfortunately, cab receipts still have to be submitted in person to Gil for petty cash reimbursement.


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Reimbursements can now be done online at http://web.mit.edu/sapwebss/PS1/money_home.shtml

Choose "Request a Reimbursement" and enter:

1. Date of your receipt

2. The G/L (Choose from drop down choices or leave blank if unsure)

3. The cost object will be your Account : 2528300 (Women in Physics)

4. After entering in all information please attach your scanned receipt

5. Send your RFP to Fiscal Officer Kariuki Thande (kariukit@mit.edu)


Undergraduate application for mentoring program: Mentoring form.