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New York Times Performances, 2003-2005


After re-enacting in front of a video camera in my studio, I have now moved into
the public space and perform the re-enactments live.  The locations have varied,
and range from a window display at a New York gallery to Foley Square in downtown
Manhattan in front of the Freedom of Expression National Monument.  In November
2004 in Austria , I took the audience on a guided tour through downtown Vienna and
performed for approximately five minutes in front of each monument we visited.
Among other, I performed next to the medieval monastery of Schottenstift, Rachel
Whiteread’s Holocaust Memorial on Judenplatz, a view of the OPEC Headquarters,
Maria Theresien
Platz and Fountain, and a memorial for policemen killed while on duty.


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Performance in Battery Park, NYC, 2005



Performance in Orozco Room, NYU, NYC, 2005



Performance in Vienna, 2004



Performance in Mexico City, 2004



Performance in Foley Square, Freedom of Expression National Monument, NYC, 2004



Performance at "the lab" Gallery, The Roger Smith Hotel, NYC, 2004