Recent Projects | Fascia

The first face in the video series serves as an introduction.  In it, I read Apollinaire’s poem about the nine gates to his lover’s body.  You can view the rest of the faces below. The effect of the layering of the transparent video renders my face a porous membrane revealing endurance of pain and a mind focused on staying in a pose.  It is as if the mind can reach the surface of the skin and the skin can become transparent.  This face does not crumble like a façade, it dissolves a spatial division we have set up of inside and outside.  As a result, any one expression becomes both incoherent and irrelevant.  It does not matter what grimace I make.

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As soon as the face realizes that communicability is all that it is and hence that it has nothing to express – thus withdrawing silently behind itself, inside its own mute identity – it turns into a grimace, which is what one calls character.

Giorgio Agamben, “The Face”, Means Without End, 2000