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Palast der Republik


Spring of 2006, I submerged my video camera into the Spree at points where the Berlin Wall used to cut the river.  I traced the remains and consequences of the removal of the Wall from the perspective of the river.  The “Spree” video records glimpses of the Reichstag, new graffiti on the East Side Gallery, the Molecule Men, and the new Deutsche Hauptbahnhof. 

I have made a layered video of the Palast der Republik.  This monument is for many a painful reminder of a past preferred to be forgotten.  It is a cultural palace from the Communist era, built on top of the ancient King’s Castle.  For almost a decade, a heated public debate has raged over the fate of this palace.  The palace is to be torn down by the end of year 2006 – one of the many consequences of the removal of the Wall.

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