Win32 Port of ssh/sshd

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Someone has a port of ssh 1.2.26 based in cygwin32 beta 19. All of the binaries are compiled. I have tested ssh, sshd, scp, and ssh-keygen. Port forwarding works. I imagine X11 forwarding works as well.

Note that the cygwin32 beta 19 is not necessarily very stable. Performance may not be the greatest either.

The guy who released the port also gives the diffs he used, so we should be able to rebuild/enhance the software ourselves if we want to.

Required Files

I packaged up the required files to make sshd work in

If you do not want to pick up the files as described at the top, you can pick up these packages yourself:

Setting up sshd

Using ssh

You cannot log in using your domain credentials. The sshd code does not support that (though it should be fairly straightforward to patch up the sshd code to support that). You need to login using a local account.

It takes a little while to log in. You will not see a prompt when you log in (unless you set up the appropriate dotfiles...) To verify that you got a shell, type "set"...It takes a few seconds for the shell to get started up. The tty stuff is pretty primitive... You will not be able to run cmd properly (though you can do cmd /c dir, etc.).

If you need to kill sshd, you will need to use the task manager. (You can end up with orphaned processes, I think....try not to start processes remotely if you can help it.)

If logging in is not working, you can try running sshd in debug mode, where it accepts only one connection then quits:
sshd1 -d