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May 2014


Spring Matches

The new year brought frequent matches for the team, aiding in preparation for Nationals. Over IAP, shooters took advantage of their more relaxed schedules to dedicate more time to shooting. We started the year off with a bang, securing the win against Yale in our first match back.

The next weekend, William Wong and Rebekah Cha shot and qualified for the 2014 Junior Olympics. After a short break, the team shot consecutive matches against the Navy and the USMA, winning the latter by a huge aggregate margin.

Finally, shooters celebrated Valentine’s Day weekend in the range for sectionals where they could profess their love of pistol by trying their hand at qualifying for nationals. The top three open air scores were shot by Jackie Wu, Kristine Kim, and Jennifer Hsu; for free pistol, Jackie Wu, Nicholas Fine, and Kristine Kim; for sport pistol, Jackie Wu, Kristine Kim, and Jennifer Hsu, and finally for standard pistol, Jackie Wu, Yinfu Chen, and Kristine Kim.


The nationals team as determined by sectionals consisted of Yinfu Chen (‘14), Jennifer Hsu (‘14), Kristine Kim (‘14), Thuan Doan (‘15), Nicholas Fine (‘16), Jackie Wu (‘16), Rebekah Cha (‘16), Francisco Garcia (‘17), and William Wong (‘17). The team qualified for team and individual competition in all five events at Nationals.

The women’s team placed first in Air and third in Sport, winning the gold in Women’s Aggregate for the first time since the team lost its varsity status. Sophomore Jackie Wu also won third place in individual Women’s Aggregate. Jackie Wu, Jennifer Hsu, and Kristine Kim were named All-Americans. In addition, volunteer coaches Stephan Goldstein, Brooks Lyman, Yakov Ostrovsky, Herald Sulahian, and Doug White were honored with the Outstanding Service Award for their tireless dedication to the team.

The complete list of scores is available here: NRA results

MIT Tech coverage is available here (written by Jennifer Hsu with the help of Francisco Garcia and Steve Goldstein): MIT Tech article

Alumni Match

Continuing the tradition to end the competition season, eleven alumni returned on April 5th to take on nine of the current students. Typically, it’s a close match, but this year the students prevailed.

Students took home the win in both the 40-Shot Air Pistol event and the Spandard (10 shots each of Standard slow, timed, and rapid, and 10 shots of Sport Rapid) event. Congrats to high scorers Jenn, Jackie, and Coaches Steve and Yakov. It’s been a great year and the coaches have clearly trained us well!

How can you help the team?

Since losing its Varsity status, the pistol team is heavily dependent on donations to cover expenses. The only way the team continues to succeed is through the generosity of people like yourself. There are 2 ways you can give:

  1. Contribute directly to the MIT Sport Pistol Club account at MIT: This account is used for general operating expenses of the team. Any amount is greatly appreciated. To donate to the MIT account, click here or copy & paste the following link to your browser:

    Please make sure that under "Designate My Gift To" it says "Sport Pistol Club (2721334)."

  2. Contribute to the MIT Sport Pistol Club account at the Scholastic Shooting Trust (SST), which is part of the MidwayUSA Foundation. This is an external (non-MIT) endowment for the team that helps to enhance and stabilize our long-term financial needs. Any amount can be added towards the endowment.

    For 2014, the Trust's founders are offering a very generous matching deal, with all private donations being matched 2:1. As an example, for a tax deductible gift of $100, the founders will add $200, so the Team gets a total of $300.

NOTE: The Scholastic Shooting Trust is NOT affiliated with MIT, and contributing to the Trust is not endorsed in any way by MIT. The Trust supports school shooting teams across the country, and has an account specifically to provide grants to the MIT Sport Pistol Club. The matching offer applies ONLY to donations to the SST, and NOT to donations to the team's MIT account.

To donate to the SST account, click here or copy & paste the following link to your browser:

Then click on the "Donate Now" button at the middle right of the screen. This will lead you to a page where you can donate by credit card. If you prefer to donate by check, click here, or paste the following link into your browser:

This will take you to a PDF form to send in with your donation. Make sure you designate the "MIT Sport Pistol Club" as the recipient.

Thank you for your continued support!

- MIT Sport Pistol Club

Articles written by Cyndia Cao and Sonia Zhang. Thanks to Jackie Wu for photos from nationals | 617-253-3296 (range) |

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