Fly, Daddy, Fly! About Plush
A marginally helpful description of our group

We like to eat cake. We like to sing songs about peanuts. We like to dance with monkeys and get rowdy on a Sunday night in your mamaís pickup truck. Yeah but what do we do, you ask? Well, why donít you learn to phrase things correctly. The question should be: What donít we do? We are the toaster pastry ninja clowns after all. We even have trading cards. yeah youíre jealous.

So welcome to the wild, wonderful, wacky world of plush. daddy fly, that is. We were founded four score and seven years ago by thirteen lonely guys and one lonely mouse who were looking for a little action on a Saturday night. And look what happened. Some one told us we made people laugh, and the next thing you know weíre the hottest thing since George Foremanís grill. On a good day we have about 3 people in our group and on a bad day we have about 10 people plus a monkey and a lobster.

If you like to write humorous little ditties, or run around with breakfast foods on your bum, we might need you to give us a hand, so keep your ears peeled for news on our little auditions and such. Otherwise just prepare yourself for buckets oí fun come the end of the semester. And donít forget what your daddy told you.

The Helpful Part:
For more information, e-mail
If you want, we'll even put you on our mailing list. You'll be the first to know when auditions and shows are coming up.