I'll plush YOUR daddy! Ziing! Publicity

  • "[Plush] combined satire, absurdity, commentary, and gross-out humor into one smart little package"
    It's Our Line, Baby!
    Amandeep Loomba*, The Tech. 2/25/03.

  • "Plush Daddy Fly was actually 'whiter' than any non-graduate student organization had a right to be at MIT."
    Advertisersí False Modesty
    Philip Burrowes, The Tech. 1/22/03.

  • "vastly amusing...light-footed and quick-thinking"
    MIT Theater Arts
    Vladimir Zelevinsky, The Tech, 5/4/99

  • "...genuinely funny stuff. It was quite impressive."
    Plush Daddy Fly: MIT's newest comedy troupe starts off right
    Joel Rosenberg, The Tech. 5/12/98

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  • *really