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9.0 Relations and Responsibilities Within the MIT Community

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9.1 Personal Conduct and Responsibilities Towards Students and Employees

All members of the MIT community are expected to conduct themselves with proper respect for one another and for each other's property. The Institute fosters the attitude that every person brings unique qualities, talents, and dignity to the community and that every individual deserves to be treated, judged, and accorded both common decencies and all the benefits of society in an evenhanded and respectful manner.

MIT is committed to continuing attention to the structure of opportunity afforded to those who spend time here — opportunity for individual satisfaction and self-fulfillment, for employment and subsequent advancement. All who study and work here stand to benefit from attention to these basic human needs. Persons employed at the Institute require ready access to opportunities for advancement, as well as attention to their needs for personal and career development. Those who study here deserve an education that enriches the essential lifelong process of growth and educational self-renewal and places a premium on self-sufficiency and intellectual independence.

See Section 4.5 for information on relations between faculty, students, and staff in connection with faculty outside professional activities.

















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