MIT Washington DC Summer Internship Program

The MIT Washington DC Summer Internship Program provides technically sophisticated undergraduates the opportunity to apply their scientific and technical training to public policy issues. The core of the program is focused on the summer months, when students selected to participate in the program work in the offices of government agencies, the private sector, and advocacy groups. Complementing the summer internships are a trip to Washington during spring break and academic exercises.  

Participating students work a minimum of two months in policy related internships in the Washington, DC area. In some cases these positions will have salaries paid by the participating internship sponsors. Participants are also eligible for stipends paid by the program. These stipends include summer housing and travel expenses for all participants, plus cash grants, depending on participant need. Participating students are also required to attend a seminar on the policymaking process during the late spring and early fall, for which they will receive 12 units of credit upon completion.

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MIT Washington DC Summer Internship Program

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