Industrial Performance Center

The Industrial Performance Center (IPC) is an MIT-wide research unit, based in the School of Engineering. The Center is comprised of faculty members, students and research associates from the Schools of Engineering, Management, Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Science, and Architecture and Planning. Our interdisciplinary teams observe, analyze and report on strategic, technological, and organizational developments in a broad range of industries and examine the implications for society and the global economy.

The IPC serves as a listening post on industry, monitoring patterns of organizational and technological practice, interpreting them for our partners and sponsors, and bringing our observations and insights to bear on the core disciplines and educational curricula of the Institute. Through our research we seek to help leaders in business, labor, government, and universities better understand global industrial developments and to work with them to develop practical new approaches for strengthening public policies, business strategies, technical practices, and educational programs

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Industrial Performance Center (IPC)

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