Experimental Working Group-Spring 2014

Sponsored by the MIT Political Experiements Research Lab (MIT PERL)
Millikan Room, E53-482, 12:30-1:30
All MIT Faculty, students, and their guests are welcome. Seminars are hosted Friday afternoons.

February 7
Deborah and Stephen Brooks, Dartmouth
“Pretty Prudent Partisan Theory of U.S. Foreign Policy Opinion”

February 14Teppei Yamamoto, MIT
“Do Survey Experiments Recover Revealed Preferences? Validating Conjoint and Vignette Analysis of Swiss Naturalization Decisions”

March 21- (Double Session) Ben Morse, MIT, Tesalia Rizzo and Leah Rosenzweig, MIT
“Civil War, Identity Bias, and Support for Refugees: Evidence from the Ivoirian Refugee Crisis in Liberia,” followed by “Religion and Attitudes towards Immigration”

April 11 - Tom O’Brady, MIT
“Funding the Welfare State in Hard Times: Financial Insecurity and the American Public's Attitudes toward Taxation”

May 16Richard Nielsen, MIT
“Ethics of Experimentation in Religious Contexts”