Ben Armstrong, Elizabeth Dekeyser and Nina McMurray each received Honorable Mentions from the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program. The NSF received over 14,000 applications and offered only 2,000 awards (including Honorable Mentions). more...


Adam Berinsky and Chris Warshaw have been awarded a 2014 MITEI Seed Fund grant, to measure public opinion on an array of state-level energy policies. Eleven MITEI seed fund grants have been awarded for 2014, to support early-stage innovative energy projects. Additional research will examine whether the public holds state elected officials accountable for their energy policy decisions, and whether state policy outcomes are responsive to changes in public opinion. more...

Danny Hidalgo

Danny Hidalgo and his co-author, Simeon Nichter (UCSD) have won the Kellogg/Notre Dame Award for the best paper in comparative politics, “Voter Buying: Shaping the Electorate through Clientelism,” awarded by the Midwest Political Science Association. more...

David Singer

David Singer featured in the MIT News, "A scholar who thinks globally and acts locally: Political scientist David Singer produces innovative research on international financial policy." more...

Gina Bateson

Gina Bateson's spotlight is featured in the MIT News, "Regina Bateson: Crime, punishment and politics- MIT political scientist studies the long-term effects of war on people’s social and political behavior." more...

Burchard Scholars

Halide Bey (’15 Biology; Political Science), John W. Halloran, Jr. (’15 Political Science) & Sofia Essayan-Perez (’15 Brain and Cognitive sciences; minor, applied international studies) are among thirty-one MIT students selected as Burchard Scholars for 2014. more...

Suzanne Berger

Suzanne Berger opens the Boston Review forum debate, "How Finance Gutted Manufactoring: Since the 1980s, financial market pressures have driven companies to hive off activities that sustained manufacturing." More at Boston Review and spotlight in The Atlantic

Nazli Choucri

Nazli Choucri featured in the MIT News, "Modeling Cyberspace Control Worldwide: Nazli Choucri analyzes issues of governance, politics, and participation in online communications." more...

Teppei Yamamoto

Teppei Yamamoto featured in the MIT News, "Inside the Minds of Voters: An MIT political scientist proposes a new polling method to reveal how voters make choices at the ballot box." more...

Vipin Narang

Vipin Narang featured in the MIT News, "After the U.S. leaves Afghanistan, then what? In talk, MIT professor examines the implications of the military drawdown for regional rivals India and Pakistan." more...

Frank Gavin

Francis Gavin profile featured in the MIT News and MITei Newsletter (2/18/14), "In major extension of MIT nuclear policy studies, Gavin begins work as first Frank Stanton Chair" MIT News and MIT Energy Initiative feature

Nazli Choucri

Nazli Choucri and her work for Minerva-Explorations in Cyber International Relations (ECIR) Project for the ILP, featured on the ILP homepage, analyzes issues of governance, politics and participation in the global onslaught of online communications. more...

Teppei Yamamoto

Teppei Yamamoto received the "Editor's Choice" award from the Political Analysis journal for the article, "Causal Inference in Conjoint Analysis: Understanding Multidimensional Choices via Stated Preference Experiments," co-authored with Jens Hainmueller and Daniel Hopkins. This award is given to 1 to 2 articles per year (out of 30) that "the editors see as providing an especially significant contribution to political methodology."

Bateson Dove

Fotini Christia's book Alliance Formation in Civil Wars (CUP, 2012) has won the 2014 Distinguished Book Award of the Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Migration Section of the International Studies Association (ENMISA). According to the section, "this award recognizes the best book published over the past two years in the study of the international politics of ethnicity, nationalism, or migration...Award criteria include originality of argument, research quality, innovative methods or methodological syntheses, text readability and policy implications."

Bateson Dove

Spotlight-Francis Gavin: In Major Extension of MIT Nuclear Policy Studies, Gavin Begins Work as First Frank Stanton Chair. more...

NYTimes cartoon

Spotlight-Alec Worsnop "Knowing the enemy" What makes an insurgency effective and deadly? It is a question the U.S. has been posing with increasing urgency since 9/11, and it is a central research preoccupation of Alec Worsnop, a Ph.D. candidate in political science. more...

Bateson Dove

Meet Halide Bey ('15): Searching for Solutions in Science and Society. more...

Bateson Dove

Spotlight-Gina Bateson: Crime, Punishment, and Politics. more...


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