Mark Bell

Mark Bell’s paper “What Do Nuclear Weapons Offer States? A Theory of State Foreign Policy Response to Nuclear Acquisition” is the co-recipient of the Best Paper Presented by a Graduate Student in a Foreign Policy Panel at the 2015 APSA meeting.

Andrea Campbell

Andrea Campbell has been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, one of the nation’s most prestigious honorary societies and a leading center for independent policy research. more...

Taylor Fravel

Taylor Fravel has been named to the Andrew Carnegie Fellows Program for the 2016-17 academic year, a prestigious award he will use to extend his studies of Asia’s ongoing maritime disputes. more...

Adam Berinsky

Adam Berinsky has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship. These prestigious fellowships are “midcareer” awards, “intended for men and women who have already demonstrated exceptional capacity for productive scholarship or exceptional creative ability in the arts.” more...

Charles Stewart

Charles Stewart's work is cited on NPR, "What Keeps Election Officials Up At Night? Fear Of Long Lines At The Polls" more...


Nicolas Dumas, Sara Plana, and Andrew Halterman have each been awarded NSF graduate research fellowships to support their 2016-2017 graduate studies. Congratulations to all three on this well deserved recognition! more...

Ben Ross Schneider

Justin de Benedictis-Kessner in the student spotlight, "Examining Accountability Through the Lens of Local Politics." more...

Ben Ross Schneider

Ben Schneider's book, New Order and Progress: Development and Democracy in Brazil, published by Oxford University Press, is featured in the MIT News. "3 Questions: Ben Ross Schneider on Brazil’s crisis moment: As political scandal swirls, are there still signs of progress?" more...

Nazli Choucri

Nazli Choucri will be honored at this year's International Studies Association (ISA) convention in Atlanta. The Political Demography and Geography section will be hosting a distinguished scholar panel in her honor on Friday, March 18th, at 4pm. more...

Gene Skolnikoff

Eugene Skolnikoff, Professor Emeritus, PhD '65, is featured in the department's Spring spotlight series, "The circuitous path of an expert in Security Studies." more...

Fotini Christia

Fotini Christia is featured in FiveThirtyEights's: What's the Point program, "What We Can Learn About Drone Strikes From 10 Million Yemeni Cell Phones." In her interview, she discusses Yemen's demographics and everyday life from cell phone data, "in less populated areas...we are interested in trying to understand how the strike propagates and what sort of effect it has in terms of an informational cascade." more...

Amanda Rothschild

Ketian Zhang, Stephen Wittels, and Fiona Cunningham have each been awarded a World Politics Fellowship grant by the Smith Richardson Foundation. Awards are granted to support Ph.D. dissertation research on American foreign policy, international relations, international security, strategic studies, area studies, and diplomatic and military history. More about Ketian Zhang, Stephen Wittels, and Fiona Cunningham.

Amanda Rothschild

Amanda Rothschild's piece in Foreign Affairs, "ISIS and Genocide: How the United States Talks about Atrocities" challenges the Obama Administration's reluctance to use the word "Genocide" when discussing ISIS violence. more...

Marika Landau-Wells

Marika Landau-Wells is featured in the MIT News, "It’s All in Our Heads: Political science PhD student Marika Landau-Wells is using psychology and neuroscience to better understand political behavior." more...

Marika Landau-Wells

Lena Andrews, with Julia McDonald, co-author article in War on the Rocks, "Five Costs of Military Innovation" more...

Mark Bell

Mark Bell's latest article about the causes of nuclear proliferation, is featured in its own forum published in International Studies Quarterly. Read reviews by scholars of nuclear-weapons policy and proliferation for their reactions to Bell’s research note. more...

F. Daniel Hidalgo

F. Daniel Hidalgo's latest co-authored paper, with Simeon Nichter, political science professor at the University of California, San Diego, is featured on the MIT News homepage, "A Cleaner Ballot Box: In Brazil, auditing voter rolls has shrunk the electorate — to the dismay of incumbents." An effort to clean up local elections in Brazil has yielded new evidence about the prevalence of “voter buying” in one of the world’s largest democracies. more...

M. Taylor Fravel

Taylor Fravel and PhD candidate Fiona Cunningham, in a new article in International Security, examine whether China will abandon its long-standing nuclear strategy of assured retaliation for a first-use posture. more...



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