Kenneth Oye

Melissa Nobles is named the next Dean of SHASS. "Professor Nobles offers us a vision of the humanities, arts, and social sciences as the human stage on which our scientific and technical solutions have purpose and meaning. We are fortunate that she will bring to the deanship such an expansive worldview.” -MIT President L. Rafael Reif. more...

Kenneth Oye

Ken Oye is featured in the MIT News, "3 Questions: Kenneth Oye on regulating drugs. New potential for “homemade” opiates raises oversight issues." Read Professor Oye's explanations on the importance of their policy recommendations that accompanied a new scientific breakthrough published in Nature Chemical Biology. more...

Kenneth Oye

Ken Oye, Chap Lawson, and Tania Bubela, in a recent Nature Chemical Biology article, urge the research community and the public require a fast, flexible response to the synthesis of morphine by engineered yeasts. Listen to the authors comment in Nature Chemical Biology, and read subsequent discussions in Scientific American, Associated Press, NewScientist, Wired, The Washington Post, Nature, PBS, The New Yorker, and the New York Times.

Adam Berinsky

Adam Berinsky is featured on the MIT News home page, "Rumors have it. Study: Trying to correct political myths may only entrench them further" discussing his paper that will soon be published in the British Journal of Political Science. The study, “Rumors, Truths, and Reality: A Study of Political Misinformation” finds that trying to correct political myths may only reinforce them. more...

President Reif and Shinzo Abe

In conjunction with the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s visit, the government of Japan announced a new gift to MIT. The gift takes the form of a fund that will initially support research in Japanese politics and diplomacy at MIT’s Center for International Studies (CIS) and, in its second phase, the creation of a new chaired professorship, to be titled the Professor of Modern and Contemporary Japanese Politics and Diplomacy, within MIT’s Department of Political Science. more...

Fotini Christia

Fotini Christia has been named an Andrew Carnegie Fellow in the inaugural year of the Andrew Carnegie Fellowship program that will provide support for scholars in the social sciences and humanities. Christia's research, which focuses on ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and the threat they pose to stability, offers new understandings of how cooperation emerges in violently contested environments, and what roles identity, material incentives, networks, and institutions play in that process. more...

Kathleen Thelen

Kathleen Thelen has been elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. One of the nation’s most prestigious honorary societies, the academy is also a leading center for independent policy research. "Each new member is a leader in his or her field and has made a distinct contribution to the nation and the world,” (Don Randel, chair of the academy’s Board of Directors.) more...

Andreas Wiedemann

Andreas Wiedemann recieved a 2015 Social Science Research Council (SSRC) Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship (DPDF). The program supports the development of innovative dissertation proposals in the humanities and social sciences by offering workshops, exploratory summer research, and writing opportunities guided by faculty mentorship and peer review. more...

Krista Loose

Krista Loose and Lena Andrews honored as 2015 Graduate Women of Excellence by the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education. Honorees are nominated and selected based on their leadership and service contributions at the Institute, their dedication to mentoring and their drive to make changes to improve student experience. more...

Melissa Nobles

Melissa Nobles featured in the MIT News and Spectrum, "3 Questions: Melissa Nobles on advancing racial and restorative justice: Head of political science at MIT says understanding the past is a source for social innovation in our own time," Professor Nobles discusses the ongoing aftermath of the shooting deaths in Ferguson, New York, and Cleveland, and what her research suggests about the current efforts to advance civil rights in America, including possibilities for restorative Justice at SHASS News and Spectrum

Melissa Nobles

Lily Tsai and GOV/LAB are featured in Spectrum. Read about the program's research and progress connecting those on the front lines of political activity with scholars conducting rigorous academic research. "Poverty and development are political problems. My personal motivation for starting Governance Lab was to help figure out how to make governments more accountable and responsive to their citizens. This is important not just because it is what democracy is all about, but also because it’s impossible to get better development unless we increase citizen voice and increase government accountability." more...

Rachel Esplin Odell

Rachel Esplin Odell is awarded a 2015 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program fellowship (NSF GRPF). Three additional Political Science graduate students recieved Honorable Mention for their submission; Nina McMurry, Elizabeth Dekeyser, and Marsin Alshamary. The program recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students who are pursuing research-based master's and doctoral degrees in science and engineering. more...

Joseph Torigian

Joseph Torigian's research is featured on the MIT News, "Using historical analysis to crack the code of authority in closed societies,” Read about his unique path in the fields of security studies, area studies, and historical institutionalism, and his work in China and the Soviet Union. more...

Charles Stewart book

Charles Stewart's latest book, co-authored with Brown Professor Wendy Schiller, examines party politics, money, and personal ambition that dominated the election process from 1871 to 1913. They raise important questions about the effectiveness of Constitutional reforms, such as the Seventeenth Amendment, that promised to produce a more responsive and accountable government. more...

Fotini Christia

Fotini Christia's research is featured on the MIT News homepage, "Studying conflict from the ground up- Newly tenured Fotini Christia studies political conflict — making findings that policymakers can use." Christia discusses growing up, and her research in the dynamics of civil wars, local politics, and the postwar reconstruction of states, which she has studied from Afghanistan to Yemen. “I think there are meaningful ways to study conflict without endangering lives,” more...

Nazli Choucri

Nazli Choucri is interveiwed by faculti, investigates the implications of this new cyberpolitical reality for international relations theory, policy, and practice. more...

Teppei Yamamoto

Teppei Yamamoto's co-authored paper, is featured in the MIT News "Explaining what voters try to hide: New paper shows how “conjoint analysis” can tackle hard political issues...Pollsters have long suspected that voters are wary of admitting to, say, ethnic or religious biases. But now Yamamoto and his colleagues have found a way to test conjoint analysis’s predictive abilities by pitting it against real-world voting results” more...

Lily Tsai

Lily Tsai is featured in the SHASS February Said and Done as recipient of the 2015 Levitan Prize. " Lily Tsai’s proposal is both technically feasible and morally and politically significant,” said Ruth Perry, the Ann Fetter Friedlaender Professor of the Humanities, and head of the Levitan Prize selection committee. It is research designed both to teach and model “the usefulness of citizen participation in gathering information.” more...

Ben Morse

An initiative by MIT GOV/LAB researchers Professor Lily Tsai and PhD candidate Ben Morse is helping to inform government and NGO officials’ response to the Ebola crisis in Liberia by disseminating data on key economic and sociopolitical outcomes to key stakeholders. The MIT-based research team collaborated with local Liberian NGO Parley to gather data directly from citizens about their levels of food security, non-Ebola health needs, economic hardships, and cooperation with outreach efforts, and presented this data on a publicly available website. more...

Richard Samuels

Richard Samuels Richard Samuels has been appointed an Einstein Visiting Professor at the Graduate School of East Asian Studies at the Free University of Berlin. The chair includes support for regular research trips to Berlin as well as funds to build a research group of doctoral candidates and post doctoral fellows to study security in East Asia.

Charles Stewart

Charles Stewart joins forces with Professor Ronald Rivest (EECS), for "Elections and Voting Technology," a new course that helps students meet the complex challenges of modern election systems. Co-listed as 6.S897 and 17.S952, (Elections and Voting Technology) the class explored challenges embedded in election systems from both the technical and the political science perspective — providing students with new insights into the complexities of a system many thought they understood.“I had this idea we could fix voting so easily by using electronic voting machines, but to learn there are huge security concerns was really interesting for me,” said Megan Goldberg, a PhD student in political science whose research focuses on political behavior. more...

Chris Warshaw

Chris Warshaw's research is referenced in the Washington Post's: Monkey Cage, "Very liberal cities have racially diverse police forces. So do very conservative ones." In a study with UCLA’s Chris Tausanovitch, Professor Warshaw uses survey data to develop a measure of the liberalism and conservatism of the residents of large U.S. cities. They find that cities’ policies on taxes, spending, and a range of other issues are highly correlated with where their residents stand on the liberal-conservative spectrum. more...

David Singer

David Singer is featured on the MIT ILP homepage, Watching How the Money Flows. Read how Singer's work maps the influence of global capital flows among governments, banks, and individuals around the world. Read the article and listen to his interviews here.



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