Security Studies Program Seminars-Spring 2014

Pye Room, E40-496 : 12:00-1:30p.m.

February 19: BENJAMIN MILLER,University of Haifa
"Between Hot War and Cold Peace: The Post-CW Order and the Arab Spring in a Comparative Perspective"

February 22: ROBERT LEGVOLD, Columbia University
"Reconciling the Euro-Atlantic and Asia-Pacific Dimensions in U.S.- Russian Relations"

March 5: SHEENA CHESTNUT GREITENS,University of Missouri
"What to Do About Nuclear "Outliers" Iran and North Korean"

March 12: DANIEL DREZNER, Tufts University
"Does Military Power Attract Foreign Investment?"

March 19: RISA BROOKS, Marquette University
"Societies and Terrorist Violence: How Community Ties Influence Militant Groups’ Targeting of Civilians"

April 2: LISA BLAYDES, Stanford University
"Compliance and Resistance in Iraq under Saddam Hussein: Evidence from the Files of the Ba'th Party"

April 9: BENJAMIN VALENTINO, Dartmouth College
"More than a Word? Genocide and U.S. Public Opinion"

April 16: FRED KAPLAN, Slate Magazine
"America and the World in the Age of Obama "

April 30: AMY SMITHSON, Monterey Institute of International Studies
"About Face? Chemical Disarmament in Syria"

May 7: BG Michael Wehr, US Army
"Secure, Hold, Build”- What’s the Impact of Building Infrastructure during Ongoing Evolution of Diplomatic, Informational, Military and Economic Conditions in Afghanistan?"