Security Studies Program Seminars - Fall 2015

Pye Room, E40-496 : 12:00-1:30p.m.

September 16  
"A Social Science Guide to the Iraq Conflict: Discussion of a Work in Progress"
Roger Petersen, MIT    

September 23
“Lethal Force and National Security: A Case Study at the Intersection of Policy, Law, and Technological Change”
Robert Chesney, University of Austin, Texas    

September 30         
“How the Wizards of Armageddon Became the High Priests of the Cult of the Irrelevant: (Hint: They Followed Economics Into an Intellectual Dead-end)”
Mike Desch, University of Notre Dame        

October 7
“The Rise of Geekpolitik: How Cyber Impacts Geopolitics and International Security”
Chris Bronk, University of Houston, College of Technology

October 14
"The Current National Security Challenges of Israel"
Efraim Inbar, Bar-Ilan University

October 21
“Explaining the Vietnam War”
Fred Logevall, Harvard University

October 28
“Assessing NATO’s Role in the Ukraine-Russia Crisis”
Sean Kay, Ohio Wesleyan University

November 4
"Recklessness or Restraint? Nuclear Weapons and Conventional War in Asia"
Joshua Rovner, Southern Methodist University      

November 18
Cindy Jebb, West Point

December 2