Security Studies Program Seminars - Fall 2016

Pye Room, E40-496 : 12:00-1:30p.m.

Setpember 14  
"Meeting China Halfway: How to Defuse the Emerging US-China Rivalry"
Lyle Goldstein, US Naval War College

September 21
Strategies of Insurgent Diplomacy: Evidence from the Iraqi Kurdish Liberation Movement
Morgan L. Kaplan, Harvard University

September 28         
Probability Assessment and National Security Decision Making: Experimental Evidence from National Security Professionals
Jeffrey Friedman, Dartmouth University      

October 5
Restrained by Design: Cyber Security and the Attenuation of War
Jon Lindsay, University of Toronto, Munk School

October 19
"Countering Violent Extremism (CVE): The Two-Pyramids Model of Radicalization"
Clark McCauley, Bryn Mawr

October 26
How Wartime Unit Cohesion Explains Postwar Patronage: Evidence from Former Insurgents in Aceh, Indonesia
Yuhki Tajima, Georgetown

November 2
When Do Leaders Free-Ride? The Case of Military Alliances
Matthew Fuhrmann, Dartmouth

November 9
title: tba
Jacques deLisle, University of Pennsylvania    

November 16
"Who Fights for Reputation in International Politics? Leaders, Resolve, and the Use of Force"
Karen Yarhi-Milo, Princeton

November 30
"Coercion and Politics: Citizen Support for Political Actors with Violent Pasts"
Sarah Daly, Notre Dame