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Lincoln Bloomfield Lincoln Palmer Bloomfield is Professor of Political Science Emeritus at MIT, where for 30 years he taught undergraduate and graduate courses in foreign policy, the policy process, and the Middle East, and innovative courses in arms control and outer space politics. He developed the widely-used RAND/MIT political game, and directed MIT's Arms Control Project as well as the UN and Interdependence projects. His most recent books are Accidental Encounters With History, and some lessons learned (Hot House Press, 2005), and Managing International Conflict: From Theory to Policy (St. Martin's Press, 1997) which also contains CASCON (Computer-Aided System for Analyzing Conflict) developed with Allen Moulton, which won the EDUCOM Award for Distinguished Software in Political Science.

Bloomfield, who has three degrees from Harvard, served 4 years in the US Navy, 11 years in the State Department, and was Director of Global Issues in the National Security Council staff. He hosted the Christian Science Monitor Channel's national TV program "Fifty Years Ago Today", which won a New England Emmy, and during the 1990's moderated the monthly MIT-sponsored Seminar on American Foreign Policy and Global Issues" at the State Department Foreign Service Institute, which named him Distinguished Visiting Lecturer.


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