Teppei Yamamoto

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Teppei Yamamoto is an an Assistant Professor of Political Science at MIT. He obtained a BA in Liberal Arts from the University of Tokyo (2006) and
a MA (2008) and PhD (2011) in Politics from Princeton University, where he received a Charlotte Elizabeth Procter Fellowship for the year of
2010 to 2011. His doctoral dissertation won the John T. Williams Dissertation Prize in 2010 from the Society for Political Methodology. He is broadly interested in developing quantitative methods for political science research, with particular focus on causal inference and experimental design. His research has appeared in various journals such as American Journal of Political Science and American Political Science Review.


Professor Yamamoto is broadly interested in the development of quantitative methods for political science data. His research has focused on statistical methods for causal inference, including causal attribution, causal mediation, causal moderation, and causal inference with measurement error. He is also interested in the methodological aspects of electoral studies and comparative political behavior. His current research develops a discrete choice model which explicitly takes into account variation in choice sets and applies it to partially contested multiparty elections.

Recent Publications

"Identification and Sensitivity Analysis for Multiple Causal Mechanisms: Revisiting Evidence from Framing Experiments" (2013), Political Analysis, 21(2), 141-171 (with Kosuke Imai).

"Experimental Designs for Identifying Causal Mechanisms" (2013), Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A, 176(1), 5--51 (with Kosuke Imai and Dustin Tingley). Lead article with discussions. Read before the Royal Statistical Society in 2012.

"Understanding the Past: Statistical Analysis of Causal Attribution" (2012), American Journal of Political Science, 56(1), 237-256.

"Unpacking the Black Box of Causality: Learning about Causal Mechanisms from Experimental and Observational Studies." (2011) American Political Science Review, 105(4), pp.765-789 (with Kosuke Imai, Luke Keele and Dustin Tingley).

"Causal Inference with Differential Measurement Error: Nonparametric Identification and Sensitivity Analysis" (2010), American Journal of Political Science, 54(2), 543-560 (with Kosuke Imai).

"Identification, Inference, and Sensitivity Analysis for Causal Mediation Effects" (2010), Statistical Science, 25(1), 51-71 (with Kosuke Imai and Luke Keele).


17.800 Quantitative Research Methods I: Intro

17.804 Quantitative Research Methods III: Advanced Topics