Chad Hazlett


Chad Hazlett is a PhD student focusing on Methods and International Relations. His substantive interests include understanding and preventing civil wars and mass violence against civilians. Methodologically he is interested in causal inference and non-parametric modeling techniques. Current projects include examination of the causal effect of violence during civil war on attitudes towards reconciliation, genocide forecasting methods, and application of machine learning techniques to political science inquiries. Prior to MIT, Chad was a research associate at the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience (Duke University), before obtaining a Master in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School. Chad has conducted fieldwork in India, Sudan, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, and Burma.


"Kernel Regularized Least Squares: Moving Beyond Linearity and Additivity Without Sacrificing Interpretability" with Jens Hainumeller. (link to pdf)

"Angry or Weary? The E ffect of Personal Violence on Attitudes Towards Peace in Darfur" (link to pdf)