Michael Sances


Michael Sances is a PhD candidate in American Politics, with interests in inequality and political economy. His dissertation examines the effect of the direct election of officials on policy outcomes in the American states. Other projects include the effect of divorce on voter turnout; the effect of campaign finance on political trust; training survey respondents to pay attention to experimental treatments (with Adam Berinsky and Michele Margolis); and the relationship between party identification and voter confidence in election administration (with Charles Stewart). Michael graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with highest honors in 2006.


“Separating the Shirkers from the Workers? Making Sure that Subjects Pay Attention on Self-Administered Surveys.” With Adam Berinsky and Michele Margolis." (Link to to Abstract)

“Is Money in Politics Harming Trust in Government? Evidence from Two Survey Experiments.” (Link)

“Disenfranchisement through Divorce? Estimating the Effect of Parental Absence on Voter Turnout.” (Link)