Tom O'Grady


Tom O'Grady is a PhD candidate in Political Science at MIT, where his research interests include comparative political economy, political behavior and political parties, with a focus on European and British politics. His dissertation is a book-length project that looks at the political origins and impact of politicians' rhetoric on welfare in the UK. Other research projects examine ideological change in Western Europe across time, countries and dimensions, legislators' ideologies and behavior in the House of Commons, and the origins and evolution of preferences for social policy.

Tom is originally from the UK, where he previously completed undergraduate and masters degrees at the University of Edinburgh and University College London, and worked at the Scottish Parliament and the Bank of England.

`The Great British transformation: Elite Rhetoric, Public Opinion and Welfare Provision in the UK since 1987.' Book-length dissertation project

`Careerists versus Coal-Miners: How British Labour MPs' Social Backgrounds a ect their Support for Welfare Reform.' Article-length version of part of the dissertation

`How do Economic Circumstances Determine Preferences? Evidence From Long-Run Panel Data.' Revise and Resubmit: British Journal of Political Science

`Ideology in the European Mass Public: A Dynamic Perspective' (with Devin Caughey and Chris Warshaw). Working Paper

`Ideology, Grandstanding, and Strategic Party Disloyalty in the British Parliament' (with Jon Slapin, Justin Kirkland, Joseph Lazzaro and Patrick Leslie). In Progress