Netia Mccray '14
Political Science

Netia Mccray

I’m an Undergraduate in MIT’s Department of Political Science with a passion for learning how to foster youth-driven innovation and entrepreneurship around the world. In my spare time, I indulge in this passion as the Founder and Executive Director of Mbadika. Mbadika, which means ‘idea’ in Kimbunda (a tribal language of Angola) is an organization that I developed in order to focus on fostering youth-driven innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaboration throughout Latin America and Africa.

When I came to MIT, I had dreams of changing the world by becoming a great scientist, engineer, and/or leader and developing ground-breaking innovations that would positively impact the human condition. The reason I selected MIT was because it is an Institute leading in the world in all of these areas and would allow for me to express my love for learning without being limited to one discipline, nor to theory, nor to practice. I wish to be well-versed in various disciplines in order to be a well-rounded individual and leader.

Therefore, I realized I needed flexibility in terms of academic freedom to learn from various disciplines and drink my fill of the “firehose”.

In Political Science, I have the ability to learn various research methods for identifying challenges to innovation and entrepreneurship while learning product design and development from MechE and entrepreneurial strategy from Sloan at the same time. I also have the opportunity to pick the brain of Political Science Faculty, such as international field practitioners or part-time economists, whose interests are just as varied as mine. Therefore, I credit the department for allowing me to start developing the skills necessary in order to make a real impact on the world and I feel that the results are already starting to show.

Since launching our pilot entrepreneurship workshop in Belo Horizonte, Brazil during the summer of 2011, Mbadika has launched youth innovation and entrepreneurship workshops in over six locations throughout Latin America (e.g. São Paulo, Brazil; Guadalajara, Mexico; and Santiago, Chile) exposing over 450 students to tech-entrepreneurship in partnership with MIT’s MISTI program. I am currently working to scale my organization in Latin America while expanding onto the African continent in order to continue fostering and supporting young innovators and their ideas. Hopefully, very soon, with a Political Science degree in tow.



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