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Proposals for Research Funding from POPI


From time to time, POPI is able to offer a limited funding for research by students and faculty.  In 2003, POPI Co-Directors adopted the following criteria, which POPI funded projects are expected to meet:

Proposed research projects will be:

  • Consistent with POPI’s core strength – the integration of scientific or medical perspectives along with managerial or policy perspectives.

  • Consistent with the expectation that each project would include both readily identifiable scientific/technological and management/policy components.

  • Consistent with the expectation that each project would include two faculty as advisors or mentors – one each from science/technology and management/policy; at least one of the faculty will be an affiliate of POPI.

Examples of research topics that would be expected to fit the above guidelines include:

  • Analysis of how advancing science and technology are influencing changes in drug discovery and development.

  • Mapping scientific advances in pharmaceuticals to future health care.

  • Policy considerations associated with developing drugs in underserved or ill-defined disease areas.

  • Strategic issues associated with advances in pharmaceutical manufacturing science and technology.

POPI Co-Directors specified processes by which such proposed research would normally come to their attention:

  • Through participation by prospective student and faculty researchers in a POPI-sponsored workshop or conference.

  • Through participation in 15.136j, 10.547j, 7.547j, HST.920j, “Principles and Practice of Drug Development”, a class taught jointly each Fall term by all four POPI Co-Directors.

  • Through POPI’s regular planning process.

Unsolicited proposals from MIT students and faculty for POPI research support will be considered twice annually by POPI Co-Directors.  Proposals for Summer and Fall support must be submitted by the prior May 1st; those for Spring support are due the preceeding November 1st.  Proposals can be submitted to any one of the POPI Co-Directors.

All working papers, manuscripts and publications emerging from partial support from POPI are expected to acknowledge, in writing, the source of that support through POPI.

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