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POPI Working Papers

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WP #64-03. Stallings, Sarah C., Whitney P. Witt, William H. Crown, Stan N. Finkelstein, Arthur J. Hiller, and Anthony J. Sinskey. "An Economic Framework for Evaluating Personalized Medicine", August 2003.

WP #63-02. Kyle, Margaret K. "Entry in Pharmaceutical Markets", January 2002.

WP #62-01. Azoulay, Pierre. "The Many Faces of Outsourcing:  Adjustment Costs, Transaction Costs, and Governance Spillovers", October 2001.

WP #61-01. Azoulay, Pierre. "Do Pharmaceutical Sales Respond to Scientific Evidence?  Evidence from Ani-Ulcer Drugs", September 2001.

WP #60-01. Raju, G. K. and Charles L. Cooney. "Active Learning from Process Data", June 2001.

WP #59-01. Stallings, Sarah C., Robert H. Rubin, Thomas J. Allen, Charles M. Cooney, Anthony J. Sinskey, and Stan N. Finkelstein. “Technological Innovation in Pharmaceuticals”, May 2001.

WP #58-01. Stallings, Sarah C., Robert H. Rubin, Thomas J. Allen, Charles M. Cooney, Stan N. Finkelstein, and Anthony J. Sinskey. The Contributions of Science and Technology in Advancing Society's Needs through Drug Development”, February 2001.

WP #57-00. Finkelstein, Stan N., Iain M. Cockburn, Howard L. Bailit, Jason Verner, Kenan E. Haver, and Ernst R. Berndt. "Lost Work Productivity and Absenteeism Among Parents of Children with Asthma", November 2000.

WP #56-00. Berndt, Ernst R. "The U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry:  Why Significant Growth in Times of Cost Containment?", (September 2000), Health Affairs, March/April 2001.

WP #55-00. Berndt, Ernst R., Anupa Bir, Susan H. Busch, Richard G. Frank, and Sharon-Lise T. Normand. "The Treatment of Depression, 1991-1996: Productive Inefficiency, Expected Outcome Variations, and Price Indexes", January 2000.

WP #54-99. Berndt, Ernst R., Robert S. Pindyck, and Pierre Azoulay. "Network Effects and Diffusion in Pharmaceutical Markets: Antiulcer Drugs", March 1999.

WP #53-99. Cockburn, Iain, Rebecca Henderson, and Scott Stern. "Exploring the Diffusion of Science Driven Drug Discovery in Pharmaceutical Research", April 1999.

WP #52-99. Berndt, Ernst R., Howard L. Bailit, Martin B. Keller, Jason C. Verner, and Stan N. Finkelstein. "Health Care Utilization and Productivity at a Large National Data Processing Company: Are Anxious Employees Different?", (June 1999), Health Affairs, July/August 2000.

WP #51-99. Azoulay, Pierre. "Do Pharmaceutical Sales Respond to Scientific Evidence?", April 1999.

WP #50-99. Cockburn, Iain, Rebecca Henderson, and Scott Stern. "Balancing Incentives: The Tension Between Basic and Applied Research", December 1998.

WP #49-99. Ellickson, Paul, Scott Stern, and Manuel Trajtenberg. "Patient Welfare and Patient Compliance: An Empirical Framework for Measuring the Benefits from Pharmaceutical Innovation", December 1998.

WP #48-99. Allen, Thomas, Ralph Katz, Frank Basa, and Stephen White. "Project Management and the Performance of Drug Development Teams", 1999.

WP #47-99. Healy, Paul, Stewart Myers, and Christopher Howe. "R&D Accounting and the Tradeoff Between Relevance and Objectivity", January 1999.

WP #46-98. Cockburn, Iain M., Ernst R. Berndt, Howard L. Bailit, and Stan N. Finkelstein. "Loss of Work Productivity Due to Illness and Medical Treatment", November 1998.

WP #45-98. Stern, Scott Manuel and Manuel Trjtenberg, "Emprical Implications of Physician Authority in Pharmaceutical Decisionmaking", October 1998.

WP #44-98. Berndt, Ernst R., David M. Cutler, Richard G. Frank, Zvi Griliches, Joseph P. Newhouse, and Jack E. Triplett. "Price Indexes for Medical Care Goods and Services: An Overview of Measurement Issues", September 1998.

WP #43-98. Berndt, Ernst R., Lorrin M. Koran, Stan N. Finkelstein, Alan J. Gelenberg, Ivan M. Miller, George Trapp, and Martin B. Keller. "Lost Human Capital From Early Onset Chronic Depression", American Journal of Psychiatry, 2000.

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WP #41-97. Myers, Stewart C. and Christopher D. Howe. "A Life-Cycle Financial Model of Pharmaceutical R&D", April 1997.

WP #40-97. Finkelstein, Stan N., Ernst R. Berndt, Mark Moore, Paul E. Greenberg, and Alison Keith. "The Opportunity Cost of Chronic Illness in the Workplace - Mapping the Landscape", March 1997.

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WP #37-96. Cooney, Charles L. "Benchmarking Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Performance", 1996.  NA - paper is not available at this time

WP #36-96. Stern, Scott. "Market Definition and the Returns to Innovation: Substitution Patterns in Pharmaceutical Markets", December 1996.

WP #35-96. Stern, Scott. "Incentives and Knowledge in Organizational and Technological Change: The Case of Drug Discovery in the 1980s", December 1996.

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WP #33-96. Henderson, Rebecca and Iain Cockburn. "The Routinization of Radical Innovation: Pharmaceutical Firms and the Biomedical Revolution", 1995.  NA - paper is not available at this time

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WP #23-94. Miller, Michael and Arnold Barnett. "Variable Rate Sequential Testing: Another Approach to Clinical Trials?", 1994.  NA - paper is not available at this time

WP #22-94. Scott Morton, Fiona. "The Strategic Response by Pharmaceutical Firms to the MFN Clause in the Medicaid Rebate Law of 1990", J