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EGS.Lab EGSLab EGS LabPedro Miguel Reis
Gilbert W. Winslow Associate Professor
of Mechanical Engineering and
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology   

Office: #1-330      Lab: #1-334
MA 02139-1713, USA
Phone Office: +1 617-324-3325
Phone Lab: +1  617-715-4780
e-mail: preis(at)

Wonders of thin structures Pedro Reis EGS.Lab MITIn the EGS.Lab we are dedicated to the fundamental understanding of the mechanics of thin objects and structures; including rods, plates and shells. The large displacements permissible in such configurations can give rise to non-negligible geometric nonlinearities, even if its material properties remain linear. Of interest is also the coupling of the elasticity of thin objects with other phenomena such as fracture, adhesion, fluid forces at liquid interfaces and flow.

Examples of relevant applications range from thin elements in stretchable electronics and micro-actuators to large civil engineering contexts such as domes, hypar roofs and borewell drilling.

The starting point of the investigations is often through well controlled experiments of desktop-scale model systems for which we take advantage of advanced digital fabrication techniques. The final goal is often the predictive understanding of the large deformations of thin structures. Once a theoretical framework has been developed and the underlying mechanics rationalized, we then aim at implementing it at scale of the original problem (small or large scale) towards practical applications.

A general overview of the questions involving thin structures that interest us can be found in the Journal Club of iMechanica (June 2010)
, in the Research Group profile @ the Engineering Mechanics Institute (September 2011), the Journal Club of iMechanica (October 2013) and MIT Spectrum (Spring 2014).

The following article provides a prespective on our changing relationship with Buckling:
P.M. Reis "A Perspective on the Revival of Structural (in)stability with Novel Opportunities for Function: from Buckliphobia to Buckliphilia" J. App. Mech., 82(11), 111001 (2015). [html, pdf]

For more info, pics and videos on what we do, please visit our research pages.


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