presidential search process


MIT’s next president will be selected according to a process set forth in the bylaws of the MIT Corporation, which state that the Corporation’s Executive Committee shall recommend to the Corporation the names of candidates for president. Once candidates have been put forth, the members of the Corporation will elect the president by majority vote.

In order to ensure a rich pool of candidates, a search committee has been appointed and includes representation from faculty and the Corporation. This committee will receive input from faculty, students, staff, alumni and other members of the MIT community. James A. Champy '63, SM '65, a member of the Executive Committee, will chair the search committee; he also served in this role during the previous search in 2004. Additionally, a six-person student committee has been created to serve in an advisory capacity.

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Faculty, students, staff, administration and alumni are encouraged to offer their thoughts on the issues and challenges facing MIT in this decade and on the experience and personal qualities they should be looking for in a new president. Nominations of individuals who might be considered for the presidency are also welcome.