Please fill out, save as a PDF, and submit this questionnaire as part of your application to MIT PRIMES. The name of the file must start with your last name, for example, "smith-questionnaire."

Personal Information

  1. Name
  2. Grade
  3. School
  4. E-mail
  5. Gender
  6. Ethnicity (optional). For guidelines how to identify your ethnicity, see this sample.
  7. U.S. citizen or permanent resident? (not a requirement; for information purposes only)
  8. Names and e-mail addresses of your recommenders.
  9. Can you commit 10 hours per week to work on your project and attend weekly 1.5-hr meetings with your mentor on the MIT campus during February-May and September-December 2014? List the time slots on weekdays or weekends when you will be available for meetings.
  10. Do your parents/guardians approve of your possible participation in PRIMES? Would they be able to provide transportation or allow you to travel alone for your weekly meetings on the MIT campus? Please include their names and e-mail addresses.
  11. How did you learn about PRIMES?

Background Information

  • Which section are you applying for? You may apply to two or all three sections at the same time.
    • Mathematics (specify - Research and/or Reading Group track)
    • Computer science
    • Computational and physical biology
  • What is your preferred area/topic of research? Be as specific as you can. You can name several areas in the order of preference, with #1 as your first choice. This question is for information purposes only; it will not be one of the selection criteria.
  • Most advanced math/computer science courses taken (with grades).
  • Math/computer science books you have read. Which one is your favorite?
  • Your math/computer science experiences (camps, summer programs, olympiads). Include results/scores if any.
  • Your computer and programming skills and experiences.

Personal statement

In a free-format statement (1-2 pages), please expand on the questions from the Background section. For example, discuss some of your most memorable/enjoyable math/computer science experiences. What types of problems or math/computer science books you like and why? Explain why you want to participate in PRIMES, what makes you a good candidate, and what are your plans for the future. Feel free to provide any additional information you think might help us get to know you better as a young mathematician/computer scientist.