MIT Professional Education Delivers Value

What impact can an MIT Professional Education program have on individuals? A powerful one.

Individuals who make a commitment to professional education can realize their full potential as professionals and leaders. Learning with MIT faculty means you are at the forefront of emerging knowledge and new fields. People come to MIT to work with talented peers who share their desire to solve real problems in the world. They emerge from their educational experiences with new skills, insights, and visions of future possibilities.

Build and keep lifelong MIT connections

MIT is a powerful intellectual home base. Being connected to MIT means continuing access to emerging ideas and new technologies. It means listening and learning about what’s new. It means being part of the solution to world problems. MIT Professional Education provides a lifelong path to what’s new and important at MIT.

MIT alumni have a lifelong connection to the Institute. Undergraduate alumni grew up on campus and chose careers. Graduate alumni deepened their understanding of their chosen field. Many alumni return to MIT as students in MIT Professional Education programs to reconnect with their discipline and discover what’s new.

Make the link

MIT Professional Education programs provide a lifelong MIT connection. Each program offers a unique opportunity to become part of the MIT learning community. Many participants come back year after year. Once you are part of the MIT learning community, you know how to connect and reconnect with people, departments, and research centers. And thatís a valuable link.

Benefits for individuals

  • Learn from academic leaders
  • Explore emerging technologies and fields
  • Gain strategic perspective
  • Build a network of successful peers
  • Make the MIT experience your own