Choose Your Challenge

The MIT Challenge

MIT is a challenging environment. Students enroll at MIT to work hard and take advantage of the myriad opportunities to learn and to connect. Professional participants can choose educational experiences that meet their needs and expand their opportunities.

Who comes to MIT?

MIT faculty have high expectations, and the most important student quality is a commitment to hard work and a desire to excel. Learners with the relevant educational and career backgrounds and a commitment to new knowledge will earn lasting benefits from the Advanced Study Program or Short Programs. MIT values real-world experience, creativity, and commitment to excellence.

Career stage advancement

Individuals at any career stage can benefit from MIT Professional Education opportunities. Managers who are tackling new fields or seeking early career advancement may benefit from MIT short courses. Cross-industry team leaders or mid-career executives might choose to study on campus.

Matching commitment with opportunity

Participants must match their own needs and resources with MIT Professional Education opportunities to determine the best choices. Individuals who can move to Cambridge for a semester or more can apply to study on campus. Clusters of employees can benefit from customized courses delivered at the company site.

Worldwide impact

MIT educational opportunities are as diverse as the population interested in learning. For example, teachers from Bangladesh and pharmaceutical executives find common ground in their desire to learn about the newest advances in science, engineering, and technology. MIT Professional Education provides diverse MIT education opportunities – just choose your challenge.