Meeting Your Needs

Learn More at MIT

MIT Professional Education can accelerate your personal and career development by advancing your knowledge and leadership in scientific and technical fields. Options support individuals at any career stage or interest level. Individuals design their own MIT experiences, whether that’s enrolling in a sequence of courses on campus or learning independently.

Stretch yourself

MIT Professional Education offers unparalleled academic opportunities. Students are challenged to do their best and actively contribute to innovation and discovery. Being at MIT means stretching to do your best while working toward personal and professional goals.

Learn from leaders who love to teach

World-class faculty, talented classmates from around the globe, and the ferment of new ideas and emerging fields create an unparalleled learning environment. MIT faculty are Nobel laureates, winners of prestigious awards, leaders in their fields.

Knowledge you can apply

Being at MIT means tackling big problems that matter to the world. MIT’s intensely creative atmosphere means finding elegant and economical solutions that do more and cost less. MIT’s focus on industry issues and societal well being means MIT Professional Education courses confront real problems and work to develop sustainable solutions.

Education to meet your needs

Every learner can create an MIT educational experience that satisfies interests and professional needs. Some can commit to full-time study on campus for a year. Others need to understand breaking fields while catching flights or staying on the job. Some simply want to learn for pleasure. MIT Professional Education opens MIT’s doors to professionals.