MIT Professional Education Benefits Organizations

What impact can an MIT Professional Education program have on your organization? A powerful one.

Organizations benefit from access to MIT’s hundreds of breakthrough education and research endeavors. Employees who take MIT classes work with leading scientists, engineers, and technological innovators. They learn how to tap knowledge from diverse sectors by working on interdisciplinary teams. And all this comes back to your organization. Engaged employees bring new interdisciplinary skills, academic insights, applicable tools, and ongoing contacts with leaders in their fields.

Keep your team ahead with the MIT edge

Industry, government, military, and nonprofits increasingly depend on advancing technologies. Future-oriented organizations can learn from MIT research and analysis of new ideas. MIT’s faculty, combining an objective view and cutting-edge ideas, have developed applicable principles and tools such as new supply chain strategies and nanotechnologies. People and organizations can move faster when they take advantage of MIT to hone their skills and deepen their knowledge.

MIT keeps on leading

MIT, since its founding in 1861, has been a leader in applying objective knowledge to real-world issues. MIT led the way in the invention of the first real-time electronic digital computer in the 1940s, developing artificial skin in the 1960s, and demonstrating the theory of quarks in the 1970s. MIT faculty and research teams keep on leading with innovations and theories that break new ground. Through MIT Professional Education, you and your organization can be part of this emerging world.

Invention happens fast – and MIT can help steer your organization through emerging choices. New technologies appear constantly. Some change the world, some disappear. Taking part in MIT Professional Education programs will help you and your organization assess the options, commit to a bold future, and stay ahead of the competition.

Benefits for organizations

  • Learn from pioneers in each field
  • Develop interdisciplinary skills
  • Explore hundreds of academic specialties
  • Bring applicable tools back to your organization
  • Create a lifelong connection to MIT