MIT Adds Value

Add Value to Your Company with MIT Professional Education

Competitive. Fast. Global. That’s the business forecast for the future. Making MIT a partner through MIT Professional Education will help your organization thrive as technologies change and competition accelerates.

MIT Professional Education adds value to your company by bringing people and organizations to the forefront of new knowledge, tools, and insights. MIT’s faculty and research teams are preeminent in dozens of fields because of the focus on excellence and interdisciplinary work. MIT invented many cutting-edge technologies and transformational insights. A few firsts include mapping the human genome, projecting holograms, making robots that learn, and developing 3D interactive mechanical modeling.

An MIT education can also expand individual perspectives, strengthen interdisciplinary teamwork skills, and open a connection to ongoing learning. The Institute’s research scope means both seasoned and new employees return with objective skills that can help turn daily dilemmas into sustainable choices.